Mapping Error 3-22-2019

Date: 3-22-2019

It was brought to our attention that there is an error involving the mapping from pre-existing condition J.11 - Cerebral Palsy (CP) to 21 - Prematurity in the ITDX Module. Digital Innovations (DI) has been contacted, and this issue will be corrected in the next patch. In the meantime, please follow the instructions below to remove this mapping:

1. From the Collector home screen, go to the ITDX tab at the top of the page
2. Click on ITDX Setup
3. Click on the Menu Mappings button
4. Scroll down until you get to the line for pre-existing condition J.11 Cerebral Palsy
5. Double-Click on this line or select the Edit button
6. Remove 21 from the Module Menu Value field and replace it with "Other" (NOTE - If you are still abstracting 2018 records, which you may be, you will want to remove 21, but you will want to replace 21 with the Other option. By doing this, 2018 and prior and 2019 records will be mapped appropriately.)
7. Click Save and Exit
8. Click Close on the Menu Mapping pop-up
9. Click Save and Exit on the ITDX Setup pop-up

This should remove the mapping between Cerebral Palsy and Prematurity. You can check this by going into a record and entering J.11 - Cerebral Palsy under pre-existing conditions. Open up the Additional NTDS Elements and click Set From PTOS. The NTDS Pre-Existing Conditions field should remain empty or not map anything from the J.11 value.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we are working with DI to correct this issue as soon as possible. Please contact PTSF staff if you need assistance or have any questions.

Thank you!

PTSF Trauma Registry Staff