AIS 2015 Update

The Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) has announced an extension of its AIS trauma registry vendor licensing program to support AIS 2015. This milestone is the first step toward the implementation of AIS 2015. Below, you can view the “short story” of what this means as well as the full press release from AAAM.

The Short Story:

  • Be Prepared – Annual Subscriptions Will Be Required: AIS 2015 now will require a permanent, annual license per AAAM for the use of the codes in a trauma registry or trauma database. If you wish to discuss long-term budget planning contact DI Sales at
  • Don’t Worry – AIS 2015 Is Not Currently Required for Compliance: There are no current AIS 2015 compliance deadlines at this time, and we do not expect any State, Region, or National system to require the exclusive use of AIS 2015 without stakeholder coordination and advanced planning.
  • Be Patient – AIS 2015 Requires A Technical Implementation Time Period: AAAM is just now in the process of releasing the AIS 2015 technical information to vendors so we may begin our technical product planning. So, 2019 is planned to be a “Technical Implementation Year”. Stay tuned for specific product announcements later in 2019.

Go to to see the entire announcement from AAAM.

DI, as your trauma registry vendor, is committed to keeping you up-to-date on the status of our progress with the steps required to integrate AIS 2015 into our products and plan for its adoption. Future communications on status and next steps will be posted here.

General timeline:

  • 2019 is the trauma registry industry’s planned “Technical Implementation Year”
  • Adoption Planning with stakeholders to occur in 2020
  • Anticipated availability of AIS 2015 is mid-2020

Go to for more information. 

Please note that PTSF has not yet determined when AIS 2015 will be made mandatory.