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Level 2 Adult Trauma Center-UPMC Altoona is a fully accredited Level 2 Trauma Center that serves a geographic service area of nearly one million people in central Pennsylvania.  The Trauma Center is staffed 24/7 with in-house board-certified trauma surgeons and a team of experienced professionals to assure life-saving care is available within minutes of the trauma patient’s arrival. UPMC Altoona provides comprehensive trauma care to all victims of traumatic injury and their families. The board-certified trauma surgeons are supported by the health system’s experienced emergency medicine physicians, trauma orthopedic surgeons, trauma neurosurgeons, cardiovascular and vascular surgery, ENT and plastic surgery, radiology, anesthesiology, physiatry and many other trauma trained professionals.

The Trauma Service is also an educational leader and provides ongoing educational support and consultation to physicians, physician extenders, nurses, and ancillary health professionals.  UPMC Altoona’s commitment to trauma care extends to all referral hospitals within the region and beyond the acute care setting by providing internal and external trauma education programs and trauma prevention programs.  The Trauma Service provides a leadership role in trauma education for the staff at UPMC Altoona as well as to our referral hospitals and community. The Trauma Service is committed to the region as an educational resource for healthcare professionals and pre-hospital personnel by providing advanced courses in trauma care.   

UPMC Altoona’s Trauma Service provides leadership and total care for every aspect of the patient’s care from the pre-hospital phase through the resuscitative and operative phases, as well as the patient’s inpatient hospitalization, rehabilitation and follow-up clinic appointments.

UPMC Altoona - Level 2 Adult Trauma Center
620 Howard AvenueAltoona, PA 16601 814-889-2011 UPMC Altoona - Level 2 Adult Trauma Center

Meet the Staff

Jody Milavec, RN, MSN, CCRN-K

Trauma Program Manager

Pauline Reese, RN, BSN

Trauma Registrar

Amy Stayer, RN

Trauma Educator/Prevention Coordinator

Cathy McCloskey, RN, BSN

Trauma PI Coordinator

Simon D. Lampard, MD, FACS

Surgical and Medical Director Altoona Trauma/Emergency General Surgery