PTSF Releases White Paper on Optimal Trauma System Development in PA


The Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF) Board of Directors has released a white paper outlining recommendations for development of trauma centers in Pennsylvania moving into the future.

Currently new trauma center development in Pennsylvania—with limited exception—is driven by competitive financial and hospital/healthcare system imperatives. The Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation strongly recommends that going forward, new trauma center applications be based on a needs assessment process so as to optimize distribution of trauma centers in the trauma system and thereby provide optimal trauma care for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This white paper attempts to provide a framework for the creation of an “ideal” trauma system in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania based on best practices. The PTSF strongly believes that the development of new trauma centers requires a planning process inclusive of local/regional citizen stakeholders, pre-hospital care providers, political leaders, all potentially affected hospitals and others before seeking accreditation.

“This white paper outlines various factors a hospital should take into consideration before applying to be a trauma center such as access, volumes/outcomes, population density/injury rates, manpower and healthcare finances, “ commented Jack Wilberger MD, Chairman, PTSF Board of Directors. This process emphasizes trauma center development that allows for equal access to all Pennsylvania residents to trauma center services while at the same time minimizing duplication of services based on competition instead of trauma center need.

“Our vision of improving outcomes for ALL trauma patients situates PTSF in the best position possible to lend its accumulated expertise to help establish the optimal trauma system for the Commonwealth by supporting community –based planning and implementation of new trauma centers”, said Juliet Geiger, Executive Director of PTSF.

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