ICD-10 News

PTSF Announces Education Opportunities (ICD-10 & Trauma Registry) 9/28/15

The Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF) now offers online educational opportunities . . . in your office, at your finger-tips.

Myths of ICD-10-CM/PCS 8/11/14

Great AHIMA article explaining myths of ICD-10

ICD-10 Acknowledgement Tesing Week Results 6/03/14

Successful results from CMS ICD-10 Acknowledgment Testing Week

ICD-10 Delay Update 5/15/14

CMS announces an expected interim final rule with an October 1, 2015 implementation date for ICD-10-CM/PCS.

Root Operations of Common OR Procedures Answers 5/05/14

Find the correct answers to the 4/29 post here!

Root Operations of Common OR Procedures 4/29/14

Determine the correct root operation for each common OR procedure

Root Operations for ICD-10 PCS Flashcards 4/23/14

Quiz yourself on all 31 root operations

More ICD-10-CM/PCS Delay Info 4/14/14

We encourage everyone to keep moving forward!

AHIMA ICD-10 Legislative Review 4/09/14

A link to AHIMA's ICD-10 Legislative Review webinar

E-Codes No More Coding Example Answers 4/02/14

Answers to all of the coding examples from March's ICD-10 Webinar

ICD-10 Delay 4/02/14

ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation has been delayed.

ICD-10 Coding Example Answers 3/25/14

Answers to last week's coding example.

ICD-10 Coding Example 3/18/14

Give this ICD-10 coding example a try!

ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines Flashcards 3/04/14

Do you remember the ICD-10 conventions and guidelines reviewed during the January webinar?

Free Anatomy Review 2/25/14

Need to brush up on your anatomy? Access free quizzes using the link provided.

General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs) for ICD 10 2/18/14

FAQ's and links to mappings

Q&A: January 30th Webinar 2/06/14

Answers to some of your questions from the webinar chat feature

ICD-10 Coding Books 1/28/14

What ICD-10 coding books will you need? Information and options...

Conventions of ICD-10 1/27/14

Click on the link to see AAPC's definition of ICD 10 Conventions.

Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation Launches ICD-10 Webinar Series 1/15/14

Launch of a webinar series necessary to prepare for ICD-10 implementation.

Welcome 1/08/14

This page is brand new to our website and will be your main source for all things ICD-10 as it relates to trauma.