About Our Research

The purpose of this research area is to showcase published research utilizing the PTSF Trauma Registry Data Set (PTOS) and to facilitate the acquisition of data from the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF) office.

Data is provided in one of two data sets: a “Full Data Set” meaning all elements in the database, or an “Excluded Data Set.” An excluded data set is smaller because it does not contain EMS information or referring facility data.

Access to the state-wide PTOS data is by application only. Access is free for all accredited trauma centers in the Commonwealth. Click on Request Research to apply and/or to view the fee structure for non-accredited centers.

All accredited trauma centers are required to submit data to the PTOS in Pennsylvania. The submitted data are de-identified subcomponents of the accredited trauma center’s medical record on the trauma patient for that particular patient stay. No data are collected from non-trauma centers in the PTOS. Data collected in the PTOS are comprised of: demographics, prehospital information, process of acute care information, clinical data, outcome data, diagnoses, procedures and payor class information.

The PTOS contains more than 300 data elements and more than 500,000 records over 30 years. Definitions for each of the data elements are found in the PTOS manual. PTOS is the main data repository for the PTSF.